About Books For Dummies

Books For Dummies© is a series of posts that I write that contain information about the books in the Books for Dummies Series. Basically, I tell you about books that people seem to, to use a common phrase (and quote from Ally Carter), judge by their covers. This, I absolutely hate. So, I decided to inform people about the books. The Books for Dummies posts include Wikipedia links to all the major and minor subjects in the posts. To take an excerpt for example...:

Harry Potter for Dummies, Part 1 Excerpt
Now, tell me, you resilient Harry Potter haters, do you not enjoy a good tale of right and wrong? Good versus Evil? Hero conquers Villain? Civilian Superhero against the Most Fearsome Evil Bad Guy? Do we not all enjoy these stories? So why do you hate Harry Potter but not Percy Jackson (Not that I don't love Percy Jackson)? Why do you hate Twilight but not The Red Pyramid (Again, love Rick Riordan and have nothing against him)? It's because you believe these books will be boring because they're popular. So popular in fact, that you feel a little jealous.
As you see, these Wikipedia links will help you learn more about the topic, as I cannot summarize an entire seven book series (and seven LARGE books at that) into a few measly posts. I just can't. So I have included the links for your benefit. I also have included Amazon links to buy the books, Publisher links, and links to Wikipedia and Blogger. (Note: Wikipedia links may not be accurate). I have worked EXTREMELY hard on these (believe me, it ain't easy trying to get all the links for every single time I say the words "Harry Potter" in a post), and if I have missed any large points please tell me. Thanks and enjoy my Dummies!


*IMPORTANT NOTE: These posts WILL and DO have spoilers.*